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Our purpose is simple...

...we provide you with the tools and conditions to be your absolute fittest.  Our programs, coaching, facility, and overall approach to fitness is 100% routed in quality over quantity.  Our methods are unbiased, data driven, scientifically backed, and strive towards one purpose: giving you the best physical, mental, and emotional health possible.

You have one physical life; regardless of your social standings, career, or passions, being physically fit gifts you advantages and experiences you will never find as a sedentary, unhealthy human being.  

All our programs are purpose driven to get you outside of the artificial environment of a gym and improve your life through better fitness.

The Three Pillars of the FieldHouse


We put a priority on an environment of shared triumphs and shared struggles.  Our gym is a family of individuals driven towards the single purpose of becoming better at everything we do through the medium of physical hardship; we share data, discuss experiences, provide insight, motivate, console,  and commune together.  Although work ethic is a very personal quality, accountability is more present in a group.  The relationships we develop in the gym extend beyond the training, and no greater bond of friendship exists than the bonds created through hard work.


We say often that there is a difference between exercise and training.  Exercise is a workout without a goal, and training is 100% directed towards fixing or improving all or some part of your fitness.  When you can't see further than the workout in front of you,  you're training without purpose and that's a road to nowhere.  Our primary concern with all our athletes is developing that goal and making sure it's accomplished and not replaced with a less important reason when effort or direction wanes.  The goal is to keep the goal the goal; every part of our process ensures that you accomplish what brought you to us in the first place.


The fitness and sport community is full of bandwagon evangelists - "something" works and is worth doing because "something" is popular or "someone good" is doing it.  Everyone is unique and so the approach to training should be unique too.  This relates back to objectivity and understanding that you must throw out bias in what's cool/new/top-secret, in favor of what works for YOU and what YOU are training for.  A culture of individualism is always a priority.  Be the leader of your own journey, not the follower of someone else's.