Mixed Alactic Power


3 rounds @ a very hard, very high turnover per set
20 sec burpees
rest 1:40
20 sec TnG deadlift - 60% BW minimum
rest 1:40
20 sec weighted pull-up, 25/10lbs
rest 1:40
20 sec lateral box jumps - knee height box
rest 1:40

- score per round is total combined reps
 - each round should have similar or increasing rep score
  - go HAM out of the gate, try to hang on a maintain or improve


Watch him at the end...1:40s 800m world record, breaks the tape, then KEEPS jogging, pumping fists, immediately celebrating the effort, I'm sure much is going through his mind

Most 800m efforts leave us feeling and tell us that it was classically "anaerobic" - nasty, shitty-shit-shit; we know what OUR efforts look and feel like but are ALL 800m efforts as such?  Could us mere mortals train in a manner that left us looking/feeling like THAT after a PB?  I bet the answer is obvious, but what would you do to get there?