Gymnastics Skill + CP Endurance


a1. hanging strait leg raise to hip ("L"); 3-8 strict, controlled reps; rest 60 seconds
a2. hollow rock to superman; back and forth reps x 30 sec; rest 60 seconds x 4-6 sets 

rest, then

1 front squat on the 1st minute
2 KBS overhead on the 2nd minute
3 front squats on the 3rd minute
4 KBS overhead on the 4th minute...
...and so on until you can't complete a set unbroken or in the minute allotment...

FS kg loading
males: 65kg
females; 47kg

KBS lb loading
over 215lbs - 2PD
over 165lbs - 1.5pd
over 110lbs - 1pd

post notes on skill work and highest ladder achieved (and any load alterations) to comments