Lactic Endurance


4 sets @ a very very hard effort - 
5 front squats
rest 0 seconds
8 box jumps
rest 0 seconds
400m run
rest 8-12 minutes between sets

front squats - tough and unbroken, relative to you and your max but each rep should feel difficult
box jump - higher than knee height, speed through reps is high
run - hard out the gate the first set, maintain the drop off relative to building fatigue 

between sets rest options (person dependent):
a) passive rest, active breathing (get out co2, get in o2)
b) active rest, moving, light rowing/biking, keeping the blood flowing and the HR going
c) mobility - set lagged behind because of mechanical issues? squat skill, light pre-hab and mobility 

goal for each set is a very hard effort; like hard enough that you WELCOME 8-12 minutes of rest; if you find that soon after the set you're whispering to yourself "this honestly isn't that hard", that has nothing to do with your CAPACITY, but your willingness to EXPRESS that capacity in a DIRE SITUATION