Personal Development Day

freaking love these guys, just good old fashioned hard work aligned with the basic strength and conditioning principles of good programs (mikko is former CF games champ, arguably one of the last or the last non PED using games champ; probably won't every know that for sure or be able to test it but either way, mikko's a stellar athlete and worth learning about); took an intuition based training plan and adapted it for the masses, high quality, athlete dependent recommendations, etc.; he knows his shit, it shows in his training and the integrity is definitely there; check out his instagram if you get a chance, a lot of good training nuggets and some motivating shit ..


option 1: 30-45 min MAP 10 row/drag/ride/climb/ski/carry

option 2: Oly practice, snatch specific, we'll hit all three pulls and give you homework

option 3: make up m/t/w as needed

5:30 movement and mobility - breathing drills/oxygen saturation drills