a. press/push press/push jerk; 1.3.5 x 5; 120 sec
b1. 30 sec of DB push press amrap; rest 0 sec
b2. 30 sec of DB lockout overhead; rest 30 sec
b3. 30 sec HS/FLR hold arms locked; rest 60 sec x 3
c. 100 jumping pull-ups for time

post loads for overhead complex, reps for push press, fractions for DB and holds and time for jumping pull-ups to comments

with both arms outstretched, bar should be 8" from top of max reach for jumping pull-ups

the next few training days in this cycle with alternate between higher volume and intensity (1st and 3rd workout) and something fun and easier in the middle (2nd work) to give the brain a break; we cycle through this 3x's (9 training days), then move onto a bit tougher training - will require some good eating and sleep, make sure you have your shit in check the next few days