MAP 10 + Movement and Mobility Workshop


5 sets @ a conversational, easy aerobic effort:

2:00 row/ride/ski/climb/skip rope
30 sec KB/DB cross carry - R arm overhead
10 box hurdles - 30"
20m HS walk or 30 sec cumulative HS hold
15 walking lunges each leg
30 sec KB/DB cross carry - L arm overhead
rest 2 minutes between each round

- make up M/T/W's session with reservations
- high volume skill work of your choosing
- an entire session devoted to soft tissue restoration, i.e., mobility

@5:30 movement and mobility workshop:
- inflexible wrists in front rack set ups
- tennis elbow/elbow tendinitis
- at home prehab drills for junky arm joints


- interested in a FieldHouse member's only nutrition workshop?  1-2 hours after Saturday's session.  Chime in the comments or let us now if class if you're interested.  Thx.