Aerobic Power Test


For total reps;
5 min row (cals)
4 min air squats (reps)
3 min pull-ups, any high turnover pulling style (reps)
2 min push-ups (reps)
1 min box jumps (reps)

total number of reps +  bodyweight in kilograms = score
 (weight adjusted, lighter person should have theoretically more reps than a higher bodyweight peer; taking in account weight moved to bump the score higher, somewhat of a built in handicap; similar formulas, though more complex, are usually used for weight training, but this is just a good sample - don't think you suck JUST because your score is lower, it's just DIFFERENT and this might be one reason why...)

post score to comments with the RPE we talked about (subjective measurement, just want to hear how hard it felt to get the score you had)