Upper Pressing Intense + Cyclic MAP 3

Training :

Push-press wave load
5,3,2,5,3,2; rest 1-2 minutes between sets
second block heavier than the first
50kg x 5
60kg x 3
70kg x 2
60kg x 5
70kg x 3
80kg x 2

Running MAP 3
400m run @ 90% (almost as hard as you can give)
rest 1:30 between sets
x 4
shoot for the same time per set
some of you might have to back off a bit the first set
some of you might need to go a bit HARDER the first set and try to maintain
if you know what a repeatable effort feels like, use your first set as a gauge for the next 3, and adjust effort accordingly
 (better to leave some in the tank)