500m row @ 100%

rest 90 seconds strapped in

500m row @ 100% 


Set your monitor for distance intervals, 500m, and the rest interval for exactly 90 seconds. Row the first set as hard as you can. Don't under pace, sandbag, or otherwise ease up. During the 90 seconds rest, re-dock your handle. No active recovery during the rest. Repeat another 500m with the same intensity you gave the first.  

Score is totaled the average between the two. Also record the time for each row. We'll use both to rank scores across the gym, and the difference between your two rows tells us why. 


1:50avg, 1:40/2:00

2:05avg, 2:04/2:06

What do those two scores tell you about each athlete? What is each good at, what was the limiting factor? What couple improve? 


nutrition workshop @ 10-11am tomorrow morning, right after the morning group training session