Deload Day


very easy recovery effort - 
5 single arm KB deadlift each side
40m R arm waiter's walk
40m L arm waiter's walk
30 sec hollow body hold
2 min easy run/ride/row/ski/climb
rest 1-2 minutes
x 5
seated med-ball chest throw (fast turnover, abrupt range) - 30/person x 2-3
single or double arm passive hang from pull-up bar - accumulate 5 minutes total hanging

5:30 Movement and Mobility Workshop
Spine mechanics, C/T/L spine mobility, what "neutral" spine really means, roll of flexion/extension of the spine and methods to support and prioritize the spine

This Saturday at 10AM, right after the 9:00 community workout, we'll have an informal nutrition workshop.  More practical and less science heavy.  Bring your questions and problems and let's solve some of them together.