Dynamic Effort + Anaerobic touch


a. halting power clean (below knee): [1.1.1] x 3; rest 90 seconds
b. halting power clean (hang): [1.1.1] x 3; rest 90 seconds (increase load through all A/B sets)
@ a very very hard effort:
5 rounds:
5 front squats- 90/45kg
10 burpees

- halting clean means a slight pause at the position stated in parenthesis before completing the rest of the clean (shores up the exact place the bar should be at that point in the movement, makes the speed harder to obtain)
- final couplet is a touch on the anaerobic system; means that the HR should be as high as you can get it, you've got nothing left in the tank, like we said last week: "if i had to repeat that same effort again, I would need A LOT of rest, otherwise, my score would be drastically worse".  learn from today what that effort should feel like
- suspect backs get a different lift than front squats; if you are one of these people and aren't making this aware to Thomas or I, how are we to help you?...