CP Intense


A1.  DB bear crawl: 20m forwards; rest 0 seconds
A2. DB bear crawl: 20m backwards; rest 60-120 seconds x 4
 B1. R arm overhead carry/L arm rack carry - 20m; rest 0 seconds - switch on the return trip
B2. L arm overhead carry/R arm rack carry - 20m; rest 30 seconds
B3. Wide stance BB good morning @ 4111: 4-6 reps; rest 120 seconds x 6
C.  Dual KB wall sit: 45 seconds x 3; rest 180 seconds
D. WTD front plank: 45/45 x 4


 @ 5:30, we're offering a special movement and mobility class, reoccurring weekly until otherwise changed.  All other classes remain the deload/make-up day.  Class is divided into two parts: 1, moving better; 2, becoming more mobile.  Shitty front squats?  Are you 30 years old with a 90 year old's posture?  Come let us fix you.