Upper Body Strength Endurance

Skeleton for the Next 3 Weeks: 

Monday - upper strength endurance
Tuesday - power endurance I (non-interval based)
Wednesday - "touch" day (intense lifting with odd lifts, more primal patterning, strength as skill work)
Thursday - @ 5:30PM: movement and mobility class; all other classes - DELOAD
Friday - lower strength endurance
Saturday - power endurance II (interval based)
Sunday - rest or open gym 

Goal for the next three weeks is to finish out our strength-to-bodyweight block; we're looking for improvements in overall strength without increases in body weight, and actually, we're looking for a decrease in body-weight through nutrition and the training itself.


From here on out, each week, at 5:30PM, we'll hold a 1-hour movement and mobility session.  Our focus will be moving better, becoming more mobile, and begin the healing process for tissues that have become too stressed out from whatever training you've been doing up to this point that has caused issues.  We'll experiment with and use common movements as a test/re-test to ensure it's working for you.  Come get mobile!  (All other classes on Thursday will be our normal deload day).   

Today's training: 

a1. Strict press: 21,18,15,12,9; rest 1 minute or less
a2. Bent over DB row: 12,12,12,12,12; rest 1 minute or less (both arms rowing at the same time)
b. DB biceps curls: 20 alternating reps x 3 sets; rest 30-60 seconds, enough that you're not fully recovered between sets
c. Push ups: 75 reps not for time; your score is the least amount of breaks taken to hit the total
d. Standing DB/KB trap shrug: 25,25,25 reps; rest 45 seconds
e. L-hang: 20 seconds hang/10 seconds rest x 8