warm up with partner plank push/pull battle, partner resisted running (forward)


row + KB swings (overhead) + burpees
1 min at each station, 15 seconds transition for three rounds
count for your partner (cals, reps, reps; all 3 rounds total is your score)

rest, then, 

50 single arm DB overhead squats
P1 - dead hang from pull up bar
P2 - BB overhead hold
Trade off work when one partner craps out, either partner breaks set
Last man standing rules, but get at least three rounds (three attempts at each station)


Reminder, Duskin and Stephen's Foundation fundraiser is this Sunday from 3-5PM.  Lululemon donates $30 to the foundation for each person that shows.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Spread the word.

Learn more about the Duskin and Stephen's Foundation

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