Recovery or Practice (Group Training)


Options today are three fold:

Active recovery:
3 x 20 KB RDL off box, 26-53lbs
3 x 20 DB Z-press
FLR - accumulate 300 seconds
50 strict pull-ups (by 2's and 3's - assisted is OK)

If you missed one of Monday-Wednesday's sessions, make it up

Skill work for one of your most outstanding FF scores.  See notes for details.


Today, if you're shooting for option 3, make sure it's actual practice.  I.e., "repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it".  Practice or skill work should be simple.  Such efforts shouldn't shit-you-out and require thinking and awareness of the smaller details of the thing.  Improvement over time (relative) should see the skill either becoming easier without changing or making the skill more difficult, or acquiring more complexity or direct you to a more complex skill in the process.

I'm probably not alone in saying that true practice is a lost art and a frequently missing piece in most skill based training.  It's easy to check the box, it's more fun to mock competition in training versus actually training, and honestly requires patience that most aren't willing to give.  There's awareness in the process, and most of the time all you feel like you become "aware of" is that you suck at it in the first place.

Who wants to drill their rowing form when you can just slap through a 2K and call it a day?  

Why would you spend hours each month drilling the same judo throw you learned three years ago?

Why would you do anything more when what you're doing now feels like enough?