Strength + Strength Endurance (Group Training)


warm up with:
10 x 20m carries, various positions, loads
5 x 20m lunges, various positions, loads
overhead squat @ a "very hard tempo", 3 x 5 @ 20-40kg
mobility as needed
back squat: 3 reps, low enough load that acceleration out of the hole is high, high enough load that it's a struggle, 10x sets; rest 1-2 minutes between sets
3x front squat
3x push press
3x thruster
(9 reps strait through)
rest 2 minutes between sets x 6 sets
creep up in load where you can
KB/DB rack hold, 10 minutes
(if you make 10 minutes, you're done; if you drop before 10 minutes, finish the clock out with bear crawl)