Strength + Interval


warm-up by fooling around with gymnastics - holds/p-bar play/pull-up variations
Strict press - build to a tough triple, no misses (up to 60KG)
Weighted strict dips - 4 x 4 all @ 20kg attached bumper plate @ a tough tempo
KB RDL (off box) - 3 x 20 reps
Steve House hand walks - 30 seconds work, 60 seconds rest x 4, alternate leading hand

rest 1 hour

Tabata row
rest 4 minutes
4 minutes max push ups
(push up score must exceed row calorie score or penalty is assessed)


This session was today's training for a former group class member we're trying to turn into a pseudo-endurance athlete (the dark side, depending on who you ask).  This day is actually pretty low volume for him, seeing as his background was predominately high-intense based training and a fair amount of strength work. 

We call these sessions "touches", and our goal is to put enough drops into the beaker that the capacity doesn't evaporate.  We're not looking for change, just maintenance.  Traditional approaches to block training for an endurance athlete would leave this alone completely - transference of prior fitness applied to other types of fitness, since strength is a carry over to endurance work.

Our goal for him is to improve his endurance - for however you want to define that, but strength is still a quality we want to see trained - because his long term goal requires him to be both strong and able to endure, i.e., carry his engine.  Perhaps more on the subject to come later.