Muscular Endurance/MAP 8


30 sec front bridge
30 sec R side bridge
30 sec L side bridge
25 ab-mat sit ups
rest 1-2 minutes X 3 sets
KB see-saw press: 10 alternating reps; rest 1-2 minutes X 8-10 sets
seated band row: 15 reps; rest 1-2 minutes X 6 sets
DB/KB RDL @ 2010: 20,20,20; rest 2-3 minutes
Cross-carry (bumper/change plate overhead carry/heavy-wish KB or DB farmer's carry)
1 min R arm OH/left hand farmers
2 min rest
1 min L arm OH/right arm farmer's
2 min rest
x 3-4 sets

Today's catch: after the warm up, as soon as we start the clock for the work sets listed above, score 5 burpees every 2 minutes until completion of the workout.  You may only miss the minute's burpees if you are in the middle of a movement listed above.