Rest/Recovery (Group Training)


Choose your own adventure:

complete rest day

MAP 10, very easy pace -
5 minute run/row/ride/drag/ski/climb
2 minute KB rack walk
x 4 sets
seated band hip abduction
10 reps upright
10 reps 45 degrees bent
10 reps bent over
x 3 sets
dead-bug w/lateral band tension (opposite leg/opposing tension)
10 R side reps
10 L side reps
x 3 sets

If you missed one of M/T/W BUT you've slept well, eaten well, and feel GOOD, you can make up the missed work


Remember, sometimes more is less, sometimes more is better, sometimes simple is good and complex is the best, but whatever it is, it's got to ensure you are getting better, progressing, and not just working up a sweat for the hell of it.  What harm would it do to get some extra rest and distressing in your life?  I'd argue it would be one of the BEST things you could do for yourself.