Speed Strength + Mystery Zone Test (Group Training)


hang power clean + hang clean: [2.1] x 5-6 sets (working sets, provide a challenge in loading, etc); rest as needed between sets
for time @ a very very hard pace;
30 goblet squats
400m run
30 burpees
400m run


- high turnover speed and body movement in the HPC/HC complex, load increases relative to a steady speed throughout all reps
- very very hard pace = if you had to repeat that piece with minimal rest, you WOULDN'T get the same time as the first set, or, you would need a LOT of rest (think 15-20 minutes) to achieve the same score; observe that within the rest period equal to the work period following the piece (it took you 5 minutes to complete, within 5 minutes of finishing...), if you feel like you could do "something else", intensity has either low expectations and there's a mental perspective you could improve, or, intensity is an untrained variable and you need the "fitness" to reach those intensities (an education piece here we'll talk about in class Wednesday)