CP UB Volume (Private coaching)

Jon, Stephen

a. omni grip bench press: [3.3.3] x 6; rest 10/180 seconds
b. bent over sled pull: 4 x 40m trips; rest 120
c. bar/box dips: 3 x 25 reps; rest as needed (breaking OK)
d. weighted kayaker's: 15,15,15,15; rest 60-90 seconds

- omni grip bench: 3 wide grip, 3 neutral grip, 3 close grip (notated by [3.3.3]); rest is 10/180, meaning, 10 seconds re-racked between triples to change grip, 3 minutes between sets
- kayaker's are similar to a russian twist, but with a barbell across the chest, and it looks similar to paddling, hence the name

Jon and Stephen spent most of last year training for a 2K indoor regatta, wherein they earned a 6:31.6 and 6:31.7, respectively.  We're going to spend the next couple of months focusing on improving their BW/strength numbers, getting them to lower weight classes, but still maintaining their aerobic base so we can have a good foundation for next year's 2K.