Group class: circuit + structural strength

10 deadlifts - 100/70kg
25 push ups
3x rounds for time


30 seconds at each station:
Russian twists (sitting in a V-up, 10-30lb DB)
Ab-mat sit ups
Front Leaning Rest
Knees to elbows
Right side plank
Dead bug (alternate opposite leg/opposite hand)
Left side plank
30 seconds rest between stations, during which 5 perfect push ups must be completed
x2 rounds

There is an order to follow. There are rules. It's not random. It's not whatever-the-fuck. It's planned and executed and tested and modified along the way because there is no such thing as a shortcut or a free lunch, and no way to evade hard, intelligent work.

As long as the bar is high or distant there is no way but the hard way. How could it be any other way?