CP Endurance (Group Training)


Every minute on the minute X 15 minutes
1: 10 unbroken push jerks
2: 15 unbroken KBS
3: 20 second bear crawl
DB reverse lunge, 6-8 steps/leg
rest 90 seconds
DB Arnold press, 10-12 reps
rest 90 seconds
x 6 sets  

- as heavy as possible on PJ and KBS whilst remaining unbroken
- bear crawl must be continuous!  no breaks!
- goal is to book end as must rest per set, don't pace the swings and PJ so to speak...
- arnold press: if you don't know, shame on you (kidding, it's a strict press with hands supinated at the start and pronated at the finish (top) of the press - do this seated, not standing)