MON AUG 8 - Strength + Aerobic Power Intervals


a. rear foot elevated DB split squats @ 20X2: 12 e/leg; rest 30 seconds b/t legs; rest 2-3 minutes between sets x 3 sets
each set @ very hard effort (intensity per rep block, don't pace the number)
15 burpees
rest 2 minutes
15 BB jump squats
rest 2 minutes
150m row sprint
rest 2 minutes
x 3 sets

post load for split squats, and total reps for each one of the three sets to comments.


The last two weeks we've discussed a a couple of pieces of homework, mostly thought exercises that everyone should be doing on their own.  Here is a review of both below:

(1) Always eat sitting down
(2) Chew your food slowly
(3) Prefer foods that need to be heated

(1) Ponder and determine what 1-2 personal training goals over the next two months

The first bit of homework isn't really a trackable, data driven goal like some we review in-gym, but mores having to do with habitual patterns of behavior around those metrics.  Do you eat "Paleo"?  Are you "counting macros"?  Are you eliminating or adding something into your daily eating beyond the scope of real food or basic eating patterns?  I'd offer you the suggestion that most of those  additions or constructs or limitations aren't really impacting the way you look or perform (if you would stop bullshitting yourself), or the are constructs that ideally might work, but don't because they were suggested to you by someone who doesn't know you, and mostly likely isn't relevant.

Dan John once told Spencer and I in a seminar that the first thing he has his clients do eating-wise is drink 8 x 8oz glasses of water each day before anything else is added in or change.  Why?  Because if you can't drink fucking water regularly, how are you supposed to make yourself do something even more complicated?  The basics always win out.

In terms of the physiological, chewing your food slowly absorbs more sublingually (your gums; think cocaine users), and the harder you have to work for the meal the less likely you are to overeat.  Sitting down meals you're taking time for you, your stress is lower, you'll actually have human interaction, and you'll calm the fuck down with work and your mobile.  And heating the foods means you eliminated eating a bar or a shake on the fly when bringing leftovers or getting a salad with meat on top is what real men and women do, and sitting in front of your computer eating a cliff bar is about the most pathetic thing you could do for yourself.

And, figure out what you want to get out of the next couple of months.  More consistent attendance, loose some fat, get better at pull-ups, etc.  Something realistic, immediate, and self-produced.  Stop taking notes from others and find out what YOU need.