Strength Endurance


a1. close grip bench press: 10 reps; rest as needed
a2. horizontal bar rows: 10 reps; rest as needed
a3. decline push ups: 10 reps; rest as needed
a4. lawnmower pulls: 10 e/arm; rest as needed x 5 sets
b1. 200/150m row; rest 20 seconds
b2. FLR on rings/decline FLR: as many seconds possible; rest as needed x 3 sets
c. bent over DB fly: 10,10,10; rest 1-2 minutes b/t sets


Keep the rest low between sets, hitting failure is encouraged, so pick loads that encourage frequent breaks.  Decline push ups only if you can knock out 10 perfect push ups first, and lawnmower pulls are a fancy way of saying: single arm band rows, with rotation about the spin (thing starting a lawnmower...).