Strength + Strength Endurance

Back squat - build to a heavy single in 15 minutes or less
60-75% of back squat heavy single - 5 minutes for max reps, no less than 5 reps per attempt
BB good mornings - 3 x 20 reps
weighted jump switch lunges, 5-15lbs each hand, 3 reps each leg x 3 sets; each rep should be explosive and a very high jump

The loading for today is based of a heavy single, which will give you a benchmark for the important part of the training - the 5 minute AMRAP set.  Go as heavy as you can on the single, and when deciding what percentage to use, err on the side of more reps and less weight - since strength endurance is the goal.

Also, if you haven't filled in at least one of the Fieldhouse Five, you'll have your chance this Thursday in place of active recovery.