Recovery or Test

Two options today: recover from the last three days (you should know if you need it...), or pick one of the assessments listed below.  Buyer beware: if you test today, know that you should feel physically and mentally apt to do so, and anything less than your best effort this day would be wasted effort.

10 minutes easy row, ride, ski, or walk
3 x 10 Z-press
2 x 10 external rotation + extension + transverse abduction w/band e/arm
3 x 5 bulgarian split squats e/leg
30 front leaning rest w/flagged leg; rest 30 seconds (3 sets/side)
stretching, more sweat work if the soreness isn't worked out by then

pick one category and one test from the category (and remember it, because you'll do something different next time)
1) 1RM Deadlift, 1RM bench press, or 1RM Front Squat
2) 2000m row, 300FY, or 3km run
3) Max strict pull-ups, 20RM Back Squat, or 10RM deadlift
4) 500m row, 400m run, or 1RFT: 50 burpees + 50 KB swings
5) 10 min max KB Snatch (53/35), 7 min TGU @ 33% of BW

More to come on what these tests mean and how simplicity and intention in fitness win out over the murky, complicated overthinking.