WED AUG 17 - Litvinov's + Midline Strength


"Litvinov Conversions" 

4 sets;

15 tough and unbroken bench press
rest 10-20 seconds
partner resisted band sprint, 60-80m
rest as needed between sets (full recovery)

*partner resisted band sprint: lots of foot strikes, think cadence and turnover speed, not trying to mow your partner down.   


waiter walks, 10-20kg plate per hand; down and back the length of the gym X 3 sets; rest as needed between sets


split stance lateral medicine ball tosses; 10 each side X 3 sets; rest as needed between sets


post bench press load for each set and how each set "felt" as the session progressed 



Litvinov's or Litvinov's Conversions are a staple format we use at the FieldHouse often.  The format is nothing new; in fact, technical nomenclature would describe them as anaerobic lactic or power work depending on the construction of the workout. 

Typically, we use a big lift followed by a shorter sprint, followed by a lot of rest.  We emphasize simplicity because we know the less your brain has to think about what you're doing, the more wide open gear your body can find.  Swing/row, squat/sprint, thruster/airdyne, etc.  Workouts can be shifted in rep-load structure and duration depending on the athlete's goals.  

Example 1:

8x overhead squats at a weight you could do for 10-12 reps
immediately dump the weight
run 40m as fast as possible
full recovery between sets
Example 2:
15 dual Russian KB swings w/sled attached to your body, loaded 20-30kg worth
immediately dump the bells
sled run 60 seconds 
full recovery between sets

Each example is a bit different, and can be used for a variety of purposes, and with even more variance on rest and load, can start looking like PAP sets or really nasty lactic buffering work.