Aerobic Power Test


AMRAP in 20 minutes; 

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats  


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post workout eating: 

more specifics to come, want to make this easy for everyone and somewhat individualized to your body composition and create some understanding of the uniqueness of everyone's activity level and body comp goals....

the basics are:  

- workouts with high metabolic demands need carbohydrates pwo, lower levels for higher body fat percentages, and higher levels for lower body fat percentages  

- workouts (like CP work, recovery work) need moderate to low carbs, again dependent on BF levels  

- all workouts need some protein, there's always some tissue breakdown and protein increases insulin sensitivity and creates a satiation effect that's good for blood sugar management throughout the day  

after today:

- a normal serving of protein, lower carbs if you're BF is higher (like a handful of fruit...), higher carbs if you're ALREADY very lean 

- a balanced protein/carb/fat meal an hour after training if you can

- a lot of h2o throughout the day