Lower Body CP*


a. back squat: tough triple in 10 minutes

b. clean grip deadlift: tough 5 in 10 minutes

c. dumbbell weighted walking lunge steps: 10/leg X 4 sets; rest 1:30 between sets

d. front loaded band good morning (band 2-3 feet in front of you tied low onto the rack): 20-30 reps X 3 sets; rest 1:30

 *CP: creating phosphate.  a general term we use to describe training where power and strength are the training goals of the session.  it usually describes weight training, because that's the simplest, most effective, and safest way to train the CP system, but CP work can also come from strict gymnastics, sprint work like 100m all out row pieces, etc.  all things being equal, a solid foundation of CP capacity and aerobic capacity develops an awesome breadth and of fitness and potential for more learning or fitness down the line.

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- Open Gym this Thursday from 5-7pm instead of the normal 5 and 6pm class.  workouts will be posted that fit with the theme of active recovery, or make up a missed day this week, or spend some time working on a limiting factor you see in yourself

- This Monday after Memorial Day weekend we're holding our annual Memorial Day Murph.  All 4 gyms will meet at Fondren.  Heats are 8:30 or 10AM.   

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