Friday 04-08-2016


EMOM x 30 minutes

1 - 10 strict press, moderate and unbroken

2 - 10 burpees

3 - 10 box jump overs (up and over the opposite side)

4 - 10 Row cals

5 - 10 DB snatch, alternating


post loads and any missed/rounds sat out on to comments


- as with our previous discussion a couple of week's back concerning EMOM work, different approaches to EMOM pieces yield different stressors and adaptations; today, take each movement as fast as possible to book end as much rest as you can.  Think about this one as multiple sprints with limited rest repeated until fatigue creep sets in (which, if loaded right, should happen in the ladder 10 minutes) 


We have our weekly community workout tomorrow @ 9AM sharp.  The workout is scalable to all fitness levels, so feel free to bring friends and family.  Thomas and I will be on hand to answer any questions after class or look at movement if needed! 

- Sam