Thursday 28 April 2016


around the world; 

1 minute hollow rock/deadbug hold

1 minute single arm overhead carry

1 minute calorie row

1 minute ab-mat sit ups

1 minute L-hang/passive bar hang

rest 1 minute between sets

x 6 sets


- either hollow rock, or deadbug, whichever hold you can sustain the entire minute

- switch arms for the overhead carry whenever you want during the minute carry

- L-hang is the default for the last station, if you can't hold the L-hang or fail in the L, switch to passive bar hang

- start at any station you want, but complete all 5 before resting a minute




- tonight, instead of the 6PM class, we're holding OPEN GYM from 5-7PM ; you can complete today's workout, make up a missed session, or get a recovery session in

- Saturday 9AM class is cancelled, Thomas will be coaching the 9AM training hour at PacElm at Thanksgiving Tower downtown if you want to join him for that hour!

- Normal hours on Sunday's Open Gym