Monday April 18 2016


handstand skill work, 15 minutes tops: 

- kick ups

- handstand holds (tucked stomach, active shoulder, "pointed" body and streamlined) 

- negative reps and HSPUs


10 rounds for time; 

10 pull-ups

10 ring dips, bar dips, or push ups


L-sit on kettlebells, p-bars, or boxes: 10 seconds = 1 point; how many points can you accumulate in 10 minutes time? 


post full and partial rounds for the pull-up/dip couplet to comments

upcoming skeleton; 

Monday - gymnastics skill + gymnastics anaerobic capacity

Tuesday - mixed aerobic power

Wednesday - olympic lifting volume + upper body density

Thursday - MAP 10 w/skill pieces; treat as active recovery or push it if that type of intensity fits within your rest and work tolerance

Friday - pulling/hinging intense + squatting volume + midline strength touches

Saturday - tag team; work hardening

Sunday - open gym; skill work or active recovery