Thursday 04-14-2016


5 sets, 70-80% aerobic effort;

1 min row

1 min ab-mat sit ups

1 min DB/KB RDL

1 min skip rope anyhow (doubles or power singles) 

1 min shoulder to overhead (40/25kg tops)

1 min forward walking lunge steps

1 min rest after all 6 movements


post how you felt after completion of this effort: are you less sore? is your brain clearer? do you feel more fatigued after finishing?  sound it out in the comments


“I agree with you that many misunderstand the need for reflection in the warrior spirit. I would go further, based upon my experience over the past ten years, and say that many, many have forgotten the need for reflection in the warrior spirit. Musashi Miyamoto, Japan’s “Sword Saint” and the undefeated victor of over 60 duels to the death, said that the warrior should practice painting and poetry as well as the sword. His work, “The Book of Five Rings” is the deepest and yet most succinct treatise on the warrior spirit I have ever read. The warrior monks of the medieval orders such as the Knights Templar prayed and fasted regularly. But that tradition has been forgotten and reading, prayer, and meditation have been replaced with video games, alcohol (not that that wasn’t a part of things back in the day!) and surfing the internet.”