Friday 03-04-16


10 sets, each at 95%, almost all out, but repeatable: 

100m row sprint

- 7 damper for guys

- 5 damper for gals

- goal is the SAME time for each sprint, take the total amount of sets you have to do here into account when thinking about your pace

three types of people on interval work: 

1. TOO INTENSE.  folks like this go way too hard too early, usually have the best first couple of sets or rounds and then can't maintain; they only end up with a few quality sets because they can't overcome the fatigue with the prescribed rest

2. PACE TOO MUCH: those who are chronically under-intense.  they're the folks that finish workouts standing and smiling while everyone else is laying on their backs, and they wonder why the workout wasn't as difficult for them as it should have been. 

3. PROPER PACING AND INTENSITY: this comes from experience and good coaching cues; folks who've done the workout multiple times and have enough data to get them in the "right place" 

how to correct: 

too intense means you need to hang back a bit your first set.  pick a number or a pace you know you can hit, and after a couple of sets, if you're not getting the dose you need, kick it up a bit, but never enough where you dig yourself in a hole your can't come out of

too much pacing means you need to throw caution to the wind and get out of your comfort zone.  hit a pace that feels extreme for you, and see if you can hang on.  chances are it'll end up in the right RPE or effort zone.