Thursday 03-24-16

45 minutes @ a conversational pace; 

(in any order you choose, maintaining non-stop movement the entire time)

250m row

farmer’s carry w/bumper plate in each hand to street and back

20 walking lunge steps

single arm DB overhead walk to street and back, switch arms on return trip

100 jump rope reps anyhow

10 perfect strict pull-ups (use assistance or a band - whatever method you need to make them perfect)


post rounds and perceived effort felt throughout the entire block



- Nutrition Focus Course re-test is tomorrow (Friday); if you can't make it Friday, come during the next scheduled open gym to make it up with Sam or Thomas

- Hydrostatic dunk tank is coming the following Monday and Wednesday; sign up sheet will be posted tomorrow; if you can't make Monday or Wednesday then we'll point you to other locations the dunk tank will be at (other gyms), and get you into a day that fits (even though it won't be at the FH)

- After the 9:00 Saturday session this weekend, we'll spend 20 minutes recapping the Nutrition Course and where to go from here