Monday 2-29-16



a. Back squat: build to a 1RM

b. Power clean: build to a 1RM

post back squat 1RM and power clean 1RM to comments

Every lift should have a correlation to every other lift, especially in the context of balance of fitness.  Some sports have priority on certain movement patterns over others (sprinting, power lifting/Oly lifting for their 3 lifts, a shot putter, etc.), but for fitness sake, program balance, postural correction, carry over to other energy system work and other ancillary movement patterns, we use back squat as a metric to establish all your other lifts.  We want balance in upper body to lower body strength, we want your squatting to be balanced to your pulling, etc.  

Most program shoot from the hip and eye ball whether a lift is weak or strong, or use too small of a sample for comparison (the rest of the gym members).  Why, in a training subset as important as strength, would you not want objectivity?  Performance is a measurable, trainable quality.  How should you train an effort if you have no idea where to take that effort to?

For most of our folks, we use the following relationships:

back squat - 100% 

deadlift - 125% 

power clean - 66% 

close grip bench press - 66% 

A lot more lifts can be tested and the more tests the better picture you get of where the program needs to be driven to or what can be backed off slightly.  Put in your 1RM's a see where there are limiters.  Overall point being, if your coach/gym/online program isn't giving you relationships and indicators of performance, how the hell are you supposed to know if you're getting better or not?