Tuesday 020216

Cam C., thanks for the photo my man, an excellent capture


4 sets;
90 sec burpees
rest 30 seconds
90 sec row for calories
rest 30 seconds
90 sec Db thrusters
rest 30 seconds

post average round split (all burpees+cals+thrusters/4rnds) to comments

There's a new post up in the Learn section of the website, titled "Why?".  I wrote it after having a couple of conversations with some of you last week about why you're here.  Read the article if you get a chance, and chime in with your results of the day why you want to be fit, i.e., what your fitness could do for you.  

Mine - fit enough to thrive in any physical situation that comes my way; lack of sleep w/kids, long work days, personal safety, i.e., never throwing in the towel because I wasn't strong enough/could last long enough/was too fatigued, etc.  Two men get mugged in an ally, and it doesn't matter how rich you are, how famous you've become, but that you can live another day...

I want to know what your reason is!