Press It, Squat It, Hold It


10 minutes to build to a heavy single strict press

then, starting at the weight you ended for your heavy single begin the following:

10 front squats @ heavy single SP load
9 front squats
8 FS...down to
1 FS

rest, then:

partner 1: KB goblet hold ALAP
partner 2: side plank ALAP (rotate sides every set)
(stop at 10 minutes)


- go up in weight if possible every front squat set down the ladder
- rest as minimally as possible between FS sets

December's Skeleton:
mon - CP intense (heavy, fast)
tues - mixed MAP (breath, move, move longer, move more)
wed - grinder/longer higher loaded higher skilled AMRAPs and progressions (fight, work wth fatigue, how well do you move while you're tired?)
thurs - linear progressive aerobic session, or make up a missed session, or skill work
fri - CP volume (heavy for more)
sat - aerobic power; IWT or shorter, more intense progressions and circuits (high HR, lactic acid pooling, pain)
sun - open gym or rest