TEST: Relative and Absolute Strength

Front Squat
- 3 rep maximum
- 30X3 tempo
- as many attempts as you need in 20 minutes or so
- clean grip preferred, if not, record style of grip so you can ensure accurate retesting or improvements in mechanics if second retest gets worse (still an improvement in strength)

Weighted Pull-up
- 2 rep maximum
- pronated, medium grip
- must raise and lower under control
- chin must be above the bar, no chicken necking
- any tempo OK
our bodyweight with NO weight attached might be your "2RM" today, that's OK...technically if you weigh 150lbs then your 2RM is 150lbs; adding 20 pounds for the 2RM means you're pulling 170lbs...

If you cannot complete a strict pull up with or without weight attached:
- AMRAP horizontal ring rows @ 30X0 tempo
- standard is rings no higher than hip height at standing, feet under the rings to assess body angle against ground
- record number and how you oriented yourself so the retest is precise

Push Press
- 60 sec AMRAP barbell push press
- Men use 75% of BW, women use 55% of BW
- push jerk, split jerk, strict press do not count
- you may re-rack as many times during the 60 seconds as needed
- score is total reps

post FS 3RM, PU 2RM, and PP AMRAP to comments, like this:

bodyweight: 200lbs
FS 3RM: 100kg
PU 2RM: 15kg
PP: 19 @ 150lbs