CP Lower Volume + Cyclic MAP Touch


a. clean grip RDL @ 4022: 5,5,3,3; rest 2-3 minutes - build each set
b. KB/DB goblet squat @ 3310: 5,5,5; rest 1-2 minutes - use a partner or wall to ensure stable bottom squat hold (3 sec), no knee gimbal or passive-slack
c. Single Leg Jump + Depth Drop: 3/leg x 3-4 sets; rest 45-90 seconds
200m run @ 70%
200m run @ 90%
rest 2x the work
x 3


- tempo a serious priority on A and B, load accordingly
- on B, we'll have you set your knees to each out to a target or a partners hand to make sure you stay tracked and active at the bottom
- single leg jump + depth drop: one leg on a box (stand on the side); explode up and off the leg, land in a soft power squat with both legs simultaneously
- 70%/90%, jog/very hard run; if total 400m run is 90 seconds, rest 3 minutes before repeating