Strength Intense


a. back squat: 3 reps every 3 minutes x 8 sets; go up and down in weight as needed - make each set as tough as possible
b1. wide stance barbell good morning @ 30X0: 6-10 reps; rest 1:30
b2. front rack (KB/DB) carry: 2x down and back length of the gym; rest 1:30 x 3 sets
c. loaded front plank: 30 seconds hold x 4 sets; rest 30 seconds


Skeleton for the month of December:
mon - CP intense
tues - mixed MAP (variety of intervals)
wed - grinder/longer higher loaded higher skilled AMRAPs and progressions
thurs - linear progressive aerobic session, or make up a missed session, or skill work
fri - CP volume
sat - aerobic power; IWT or shorter, more intense progressions and circuits
sun - open gym or rest

Your priority this month shouldn't be extra training or volume, the plan will provide enough variety and volume that more shouldn't be the answer.  Instead, we'd like you to focus more on the recovery between sessions.  Better sleep, more planning around your food, keeping your eating simple and consistent, and including a few more recovery methods like extra stretching, a long walk, all the things we've talked about that will help you get after this shit that much more than you usually do.

We'll post the entire week, subject to change.  Because you'll see these sessions ahead of time, use them to help your planning; DON'T be that guy that skips around gyms to always do what you "prefer".  You won't get fitter, you'll just get more tired, since this plan will build for a while and culminate in some more benchmark testing.