AnAerobic Capacity



3 rounds for time of:

400m run

21 KB swings overhead

12 pull-ups


When we describe session types, we often use the word capacity.  This means, given the energy system, how much can you "fit into" the tank, or how large your engine is.  

Anaerobic: any activity where the effort is extremely high and unsustainable (you couldn't continue on your current  pace unless you had a very large amount of rest or repeating the workout would yield a slower time).

Capacity work is testing and most often pseudo testing or touches, where the work acts as a litmus test for your fitness given the system.   

The more objective, specific, and repeatable the capacity work is, the more effort is required, because it becomes a benchmark for further work. 

For today: 

- effort should be incredibly high

- turnover (rep speed) should be incredibly high

- the breaks therefore should be nonexistent because you are giving such intense effort

- technique shouldn't cause breaks (pull-up style) 

- load shouldn't cause breaks (KB swing weight) 

- after finishing, ask yourself, could you have continued on for a fourth round at the same effort? could you, with adequate rest, repeated that same effort (like in the same day)