for time @ 100% effort;

50 burpees
50 KB swings - 53/35lbs


The standards we currently use for this test is 5:00 or less for men, 7:00 or less for women.  That standard isn't an absolute, but rather a number that we can correlate with other tests to see balance across the board.  For example, if 5:00 is a "good" time on this test, and your 2K row is 10:00, we know that your 2K row is lacking and gives implications to start the exploration into why your fitness is what it is, rather than the normative stopping point most programs and facilities reach, simply defining what your fitness is.  So this isn't a good or bad standard, just a data point to create some relativist understanding.

WHAT: your times, lifts, physical outputs; also: your resting state, stress, nutrition

WHY: your physiology, essence, and physiological preferences and limitations

Figure out the what, which leads to the why, which easily defines the how.  

Where are you cutting yourself short?  Do you know what you're good at?  What you WANT to be good at?  What needs to be improved the most?