Monday 012516


AMRAP 20 minutes;
20 pull-ups
20 KB swings overhead - 70/53
20 front rack walking lunges - 40/25kg

Post full and partial rounds to comments.

NUTRITION FOCUS COURSE, starts Feb 12, see tab at the top of the page for more details

Skeleton for the next 3 weeks;
25, grinder I
26, weight training
27, grinder II
28, weight training + anaerobic capacity
29, IWT or MAP
30, mystery zone Saturdays
31, open gym or complete rest day
1, weight training + anaerobic capacity
2, grinder I
3, grinder II
4, weight training
6, mystery zone Saturdays
7, open gym or complete rest day
8, grinder II
9, weight training
11, weight training + anaerobic capacity
12, grinder I
13, Nutrition Focus Course test workout
14, open gym or complete rest day

weight training: upper and lower body lifting, 1-5 rep range, high load/moderate volume

anaerobic capacity: 1-12 minute high effort/high turnover mixed (2-3 element) work

grinder: higher skill, higher load energy system work, frequent breaks expected, literally "grind" through the effort

IWT/MAP: interval weight training or maximum aerobic power; i.e., interval work

mystery zone: standardized format with different responses to the workout based on your individual differing capacities (tough for different reasons for different folks)