Tuesday 011216

Things I like about this video:
- he’s training in the back of a warehouse, not a polished facility
- there’s music in the warm up, but none during the test
- listen to his comments about “going by feeling”; super important to develop in athletes though takes some time and constant exposure to inherently know your limits
- all his language and lead up time to this test are very simple and strait forward; you see no fuzzy or superfluous actions
- you don’t see him immediately fall down on his back post workout, also very important to “stay in the moment” on tougher tests like this - vital for developing the muscle between your ears (your brain)


4 sets @ 80-90% fun hard pace;
30 sec DB shoulder to overhead - 30/20lbs
30 sec box jumps - 24/20
30 sec shuttle run (20m length)
rest 90 seconds between each set
5 minute recovery period
4 sets @ 80-90% fun hard pace;
30 sec hang power clean - 45/30kg
30 sec push ups
30 sec walking lunge steps
rest 90 seconds between each set

Post how you felt during and afterwards all the intervals to comments.