Every athlete has their own unique journey and outcome.  Whatever your goals, we have the tools and the knowledge to carve you out of the stone of your former self.


Group Training

Our group training is coach led and small class sizes to maximize teaching and attention for each athlete.  We write our programs with general fitness in mind, teach you how to move properly, and educate you on the finer points of training and eating to create a framework of fitness that will last a lifetime.  You'll get stronger, faster, more durable, able to sustain hard efforts for longer periods, leaner, and start to understand how YOUR body works and how to best take care of it.

Pricing: $189/month.  Includes:

  • unlimited training sessions (no class reservations needed)
  • no prerequisites; newer athletes may start immediately
  • detailed daily training and rest day prescriptions
  • introduction into nutrition prescriptions for improving body composition 
  • access to FieldHouse workshops, seminars, and special training sessions

[$25 discount for military, first responders, students, and spouses]

[annual rates at $1999/year]

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Program Design

We consult and create training programs for those with specific, objective training goals.  We work with you one-on-one to understand your goal, create a detailed assessment to determine your stating point, and develop a training prescription specific to your background, current fitness, and future fitness. 

Pricing: $289/month on site, $149/month program only.  Includes:

  • one hour introductory consultation
  • custom training and nutrition program
  • open access to our facility to conduct your training
  • job/sport specific consultation and direction (competition, military selection, etc.)
  • weekly monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure progression and sustainability

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Private Coaching

We also offer one-on-one coaching if you're rehabbing an injury, need special attention or accountability based on your training goal, or simply prefer to train alone.  Pricing and program design depends on your goal and frequency of training.  Contact us for more information.

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