Below is our daily training schedule.  Our group training session is listed each day by date, and we occasionally post other sessions from more individualized programs.  If you're attempting some these sessions on your own, keep in mind that not every single element of the class might be listed, and individualized training is written specifically for an athlete, and might not fully apply to your fitness.

We also can't preach enough that the training is such a small part of what we do.  3-5 workouts per week can't possibly mitigate poor habits in the other 168 hours you might not be training.  What you don't see here is eating habits, stress management, recovery, and activity outside of the gym.  We can't accept anything but total commitment and full intention to change the whole of your life, not just part of it.

If this message speaks to you, and you are ready to take the plunge, click here and start training today.