Sam Nix

Sam has been a strength and conditioning coach since 2007, and has coached athletes from complete beginners to professionals in a myriad of sport and fitness requirements.  He's trained with and learned from the best strength and conditioning coaches on the planet, and holds credentials primarily in CrossFit (Level II) and OPEX CCP certifications.  Most of his expertise comes from 10+ years and thousands of athlete hours from a deep pool of athletic diversity.  He is heavily involved with the Duskin and Stephen's Foundation, and a photography enthusiast.  Sam has a triple major from SMU in cultural anthropology/sociology/psychology.

Nickname: The Professor

Favorite workout: pull-up marathon, breathing ladders

Favorite drink: coffee

Preferred training music: Tool, Reggae, Steely Dan

What he's doing outside the gym: spending time with his dog Scout, his girlfriend Carson, and always stuck in a book


Thomas Domingue

Thomas has been coaching since 2012.  His passion for helping others is unrivaled in any coach you will meet. Thomas was a multi-sport athlete until the monotony of training alone in big box gyms turned him onto his current paradigm and coaching as a full time profession.  Thomas is a CrossFit Level II certified strength and conditioning coach.  When not training himself or training others, he's heavily involved in our Gaston House program we host for boys striving to achieve long term sobriety.  You'll find him most off hours hanging with his dog, Scott.

Nickname: PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

Favorite workout: "Those Burpees Suck", anything heavy, always enjoy a good old fashioned bench press/pull-up workout

Favorite drink: Topo Chico

Preferred training music: country, definitely not dubstep

What he's doing outside the gym: searching for the next good burger, reading, binge watching Netflix, or walking his dog Scott